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Today being a mother’s day alot have left me thinking about these three types of mothers: 1.Married ones 2.Single ones 3.The departed souls😢🙏 A letter ✉️ for those who still got a back up from their husbands(MARRIED ONE) . It’s not easy carrying unknown being for nine months. All that a woman hopes for, isContinue reading “MOTHER’S DAY💞”

A hopeful soul.

How have you been? 😀. Have you ever been into a situation in your life where you see as if God has forgotten about you, you look at all that is going around your life and you feel like the only to option left is taking away your life😢.I know to some is a yesContinue reading “A hopeful soul.”

Smile always

Hey 👋 there hope you still pushing on🤗. So I want us to talk about the power of a smile 😊 before continuing can you put on a smile please😁. Have you ever got that feeling when you smile to someone and he or she smiles back. Isn’t it really interesting? I know often weContinue reading “Smile always”

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